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Időutazók Társulat: Great Stories of Budapest

circus-theatre show in English

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn back the wheel of time? To meet the faces of the past, artists who walked the same streets as you, only years, decades even centuries before? Let us take you on a stroll in time!

Let us introduce you to 7 charismatic characters, 5 true stories from the magical world of circus! Come along and join us on this magical journey back in time!


Konferanszié – Szabó Mátyás Péter
Szidónia – Györe Ágnes
Johanna – Kajor Anita
Eötvös báró – Tas Gergely
Rodolfo – Gyertyán Balázs
Zita – Zetelaki Réka
N. László – Szepessy Bálint

Music: Fischer Balázs
Script: Zetelaki Réka
Directed by Szabó Mátyás Péter

Facebook: IdoutazokTarsulat  


2021. szept. 29.


19:00 - 20:00


3 500Ft

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