Bethlen Theater
Come and have a taste of Chicago!

… okay, not quite Chicago but almost: the location of our small theatre is called „Csikágó” because its rapid growth and development reminded people of Chicago.

Even if you stay in Budapest for a short time, it is good to visit a cultural spot – we offer a variety of performances even for those who do not speak Hungarian.

Every month you find dance performances (both contemporary and folk) and concerts in our programme.


1 December 1.30 p.m.
Central Europe Dance Theatre: Circul8
Góbi Dance Company: Volitant
programme of dunaPart4 contemporary dance festival

2 December 5 p.m.
Molnár – Canabarro: Tropical Escape
programme of dunaPart4 contemporary dance festival

Escapism as alternative resistance; escape not to surrender, but escape as rejection of the dominant normative order and as a way to survive it. The piece is a study of filthy dreams, connecting exoticism and the labour involved in pleasure and fantasy with personal and historical references. Tropical Escape is the first collaborative project between Csaba Molnár and Márcio Kerber Canabarro.

6 December 7 p.m.
Klari Pataky Dance Company: Vertical moment
dance / contemporary

Bethlen Theater presents an extraordinary contemporary dance show on 6 December, and it opens doors to a snatched slice of existence. The chaos of the world appears on stage while Vertical Moment emphasizes its vagueness and vulnerability. Save the date! by Funzine

11 December 7 p.m.
Dialogue Concerts – Music without Boundaries
concert / folk / world music

15, 16 December 7 p.m.
Gangaray Artistic Program: Back Window
dance / contemporary

17 December 6 p.m.
Trigatu: Dances from India

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Normal price Special price
Full price 2000 HUF 2500 HUF
Student, pensioner, residents of the 7th district 1600 HUF 2000 HUF
Family programs (Sundays) 1600 HUF
Residents of the 7th district 1200 HUF
Children under the age of 3 200 HUF

Discount cards
DMC (20%), Enjoy Budapest Card (20%), Erzsébetváros kártya (20%), Hungary Card (40%), Magyar Narancs olvasókártya (20%)

Please note: no entry after the play has started due to the special auditorium of the theater.


The most convenient ticket purchase method is through Bethlen’s ticket site.
Purchasing discount tickets (eg. student, pensioner) or paying with SZÉP card is only possible in person at the theatre.

IN PERSON at Bethlen’s ticket office.

Opening hours:
on performance days: 6pm-7pm
1071 Budapest (7th district), Bethlen Tér 3. – Phone: (+36 20) 280 2523

You can pay in cash, with credit card and SZÉP card.

Contact us
1071 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor tér 3.
Phone (weekdays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.): (+36 20) 280 2523
Email: info@bethlenszinhaz.hu