Bethlen Theater
Come and have a taste of Chicago!

… okay, not quite Chicago but almost: the location of our small theatre is called „Csikágó” because its rapid growth and development reminded people of Chicago.

Even if you stay in Budapest for a short time, it is good to visit a cultural spot – we offer a variety of performances even for those who do not speak Hungarian.

Every month you find dance performances (both contemporary and folk) and concerts in our programme.


6 May / 7 pm
Ferenczi György and Csóóri Sándor Sündi Concert

22 May / 7 pm
Blaskó Borbála: Csajka
– based on Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull –
Performance dealing with general problems of the world, with insolvable questions, without evident answers. With undecided directions, antagonistic views, fathomless relations. With hunger for love without love

24 May / 7 pm
D.A.A. – Dóka Acustic

26 May / 3 pm
The Two Lotti – DART Dance Company
Every adventure started in a summer camp. Two little girls, who have been accidentally bumped in each other. They find out that the closest relative is bound by them.
Luise and Lotte are twin sisters who drifted apart as a result of their parents’ divorce. Luise stayed with her father and Lotte stayed with her mother. As the girls realized who they were, they planned a change of place because they were both curious about their other parent. The reunification of the family was the dream of the girls, and they succeeded after many adventures.
The performance takes place within the framework of the Jewish Art Days.

29 May / 7 pm
Living Picture Theatre: Salon
excerpts from the lives of Women in Red
visual movement theatre
Female sculptures brought to life, reform themselves and their relations again and again with gestures abstracted from women’s typical life situations, to the soul-lifting dissonant melodies composed for bandoneón of the famous Argentine composer Astor Piazzola.

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