Program archive


9 and 10 March / 7 PM
Gangaray Artistic Program: Monoton

12 March / 5 PM
CompagnieinterContemporain – Taming of the shrew

14 March / 7 PM
Zoltán FEICHT: Turn


1 December 1.30 p.m.
Central Europe Dance Theatre: Circul8

Góbi Dance Company: Volitant
programme of dunaPart4 contemporary dance festival

2 December 5 p.m.
Molnár – Canabarro: Tropical Escape
programme of dunaPart4 contemporary dance festival

Escapism as alternative resistance; escape not to surrender, but escape as rejection of the dominant normative order and as a way to survive it. The piece is a study of filthy dreams, connecting exoticism and the labour involved in pleasure and fantasy with personal and historical references. Tropical Escape is the first collaborative project between Csaba Molnár and Márcio Kerber Canabarro.

6 December 7 p.m.
Klari Pataky Dance Company: Vertical moment
dance / contemporary

Bethlen Theater presents an extraordinary contemporary dance show on 6 December, and it opens doors to a snatched slice of existence. The chaos of the world appears on stage while Vertical Moment emphasizes its vagueness and vulnerability. Save the date! by Funzine

11 December 7 p.m.
Dialogue Concerts – Music without Boundaries
concert / folk / world music

15, 16 December 7 p.m.
Gangaray Artistic Program: Back Window
dance / contemporary

17 December 6 p.m.
Trigatu: Dances from India


30 November 19 p.m.
Zoltán Nagy: Dark Horse
dance / contemporary

30 November 13 p.m.
Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi: 1.7
dance / contemporary

5 november
Living Picture Theatre: The Carpet

Inspired by oriental culture, The Carpet is more than a performance: it is a meditative journey. Only available for 4 people at a time, it calls you for a pilgrimage with the aim of getting to the wedding of the soul with eternity. Save the date: 5 November, 10 AM and 11 AM. by Funzine


30 October
Klári Pataky Dance Company: Fades, Reappears…
contemporary dance

27 October
GÓBI Rita/SZEGŐ Dávid/Pavla BERANOVÁ: Volitant
contemporary dance

21 October
Second – choreographer: FEICHT Zoltán
contemporary dance

12 October
Allez! – Y Group
programme of CAFe Budapest
premier / dance


5 May

Katedrock concert
band from the University of Veterinary in Budapest

11 May
GroundFloor Group: Parental Ctrl
concert-performance / contemporary dance
in Hungarian with English subtitles

19 May
Central Europe Dance Theatre: The Horde
contemporary dance

25-27 May
Trambulin Fest
Gangaray Dance Company’s contemporary dance festival
25th: Shreds – Premier
26th: Frames (with bit of Hungarian words in it)
27th: Secret Vibe / Pseudo – Premier

29 May
GÓBI Rita/SZEGŐ Dávid/Pavla BERANOVÁ: Volitant – Premier
contemporary dance

31 May
A LIST: Interchange – Premier
contemporary dance
Ambition series


4th April
Duna Dance Workshop: The Tenth Groom
dance / folk

7th April
Kata Juhász Company: Rechargeable
dance / premier

18th April
Dialogue Concerts – Music without Boundaries
In April with ÁGOSTON Béla and SZABÓ Dániel
concert / folk / world music

28th April
Central Europe Dance Theatre – Lilith / InSoundOut
dance / premier


3rd – 4th March7 pm
Gangaray Trambulin: Frames
dance / premier

8th March 7 pm
Kata Juhász: Entertain me

17th March 7 pm
Central Europe Dance Theater (Inner Outlines): Metamorphoses, Nevermind

22nd March 7 pm
House of Asterion
Theatre performance in English (with Hungarian subtitles)
theater / premier

28th March 7 pm
Dialogue Concerts – Endre Papp (viola), Tamás Péter (violin)
concert / folk / world music


15th February 7 pm
Klári Pataky Dance Company:Fades, Reappears…
dance / premier

17th February 7 pm
Rita Góbi Dance Company: Don’t Fuss!
music / dance

18th February 7 pm
New Body Composition Co. – Gábor Halász: Storage of Memories

24th February 7 pm
Second – choreographer: Zoltán FEICHT

28th February 7 pm
Dialogue Concerts – Mihály Dresch, Gabriella Tintér
concert / folk / world music


8th January 6 pm
Trigatu: Dances from India

14th January 7 pm
Beatrix SIMKÓ/Central Europe Dance Theatre – Cloisters

27th January 7 pm
Klári Pataky Dance Company: Still Life