Bethlen Theater
Come and have a taste of Chicago!

… okay, not quite Chicago but almost: the location of our small theatre is called „Csikágó” because its rapid growth and development reminded people of Chicago.

Even if you stay in Budapest for a short time, it is good to visit a cultural spot – we offer a variety of performances even for those who do not speak Hungarian.

Every month you find dance performances (both contemporary and folk) and concerts in our programme.


Need a good coffee to start your day? Italian panini is one of your favourites?
On weekdays from 8 to 11 a.m. our Café is open, come and enjoy a breakfast with us.


12 October
Allez! – Y Group
programme of CAFe Budapest
premier / dance

21 October
Second – choreographer: FEICHT Zoltán
contemporary dance

27 October
GÓBI Rita/SZEGŐ Dávid/Pavla BERANOVÁ: Volitant
contemporary dance

30 October
Klári Pataky Dance Company: Fades, Reappears…
contemporary dance

All performances start at 7 p.m.

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