Bethlen Téri Színház

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Dear Visitors,

we would recommend the following plays and programs for the audience not speaking Hungarian.
For full schedule please search for “English friendly” sign.


5 May
Katedrock concert
band from the University of Veterinary in Budapest

11 May
GroundFloor Group: Parental Ctrl
concert-performance / contemporary dance
in Hungarian with English subtitles

19 May
Central Europe Dance Theatre: The Horde
contemporary dance

25-27 May
Trambulin Fest
Gangaray Dance Company’s contemporary dance festival
25th: Shreds – Premier
26th: Frames (with bit of Hungarian words in it)
27th: Secret Vibe / Pseudo – Premier

29 May
GÓBI Rita/SZEGŐ Dávid/Pavla BERANOVÁ: Volitant – Premier
contemporary dance

31 May
A LIST: Interchange – Premier
contemporary dance
Ambition series

All performances start at 7 p.m.